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Swing arm assembly

  • $ 450.00

Swing arm assemblies for rear swing out bumpers consist of all the parts and pieces to put the swing out onto an existing bumper. Whether it's for a 4x4labs bumper or an existing bumper these swing out setups are proven so you don't have to engineer them from scratch.

Latching mechanism (not included in this kit) will depend on the type of swing out you have, single swing and double swing have different latches which are sold separately. Choose the vertical latch for single swing outs, horizontal latch for the double swing out on our store or you can use your own latch.

Detailed build instructions for the swing arms are available on the iH8mud forum.

  • Spindle assembly with bearings, races, cap, seal, nut, cotter pin
  • Swing arms- notched and drilled for sleeves
  • Sleeves cut to size prevents tube crush
  • Gas spring, 150lb with ball studs
  • Stopper set for open, closed and center position
  • End caps for tubing
  • Antenna/light  tab for spindle