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GX470 rear bumper

  • $ 1,495.00

GX470 REAR Bumper

4x4labs expedition bumpers for GX470 offer the most protection, highest clearance and have more available options than anything else on the market by far. We have been building this style of bumper for over 10 years. Our design has evolved into a simple, modular and customizable system. Every part carefully engineered delivers performance, function and durability forever. The design is simple, refined and beautiful following the body lines and curves of your GX.

High clearance 4x4labs bumper profile and skid plate style side protection
Towing receiver, two recovery points and hi-lift holes built in
Swing outs accept a variety of attachments can be switched out or removed
Heavy duty spindles and latch assure a rattle free bumper forever

Expedition style swing away rear bumper system. Every detail of 4×4labs bumper systems have been engineered and designed for use in demanding off road environments. The bumper system swing arms will accept a variety of different bolt-on attachments that can be ordered separately or added later.

Main Shell from 3/16” cold rolled steel, our own bull nose bending dies create the high clearance 4x4labs bumper profile.

Side protection for the rear overhang are high clearance, CNC cut and formed steel plate style skid surfaces wrapped under the body.

Towing cross member, two recovery points and related tow parts are built into the bumper from square tube frame cross members and high clearance tow receiver tubes recessed into the main shell of the bumper. Stronger than the stock towing accessory.

Modular Swing outs- Our clever swing out solution is the key to the functionality of this system. Our own heavy duty spindles are welded through the main shell of the bumper for optimum strength. Sleeved swing arms give you the option of which attachments to carry or leave at home. Single swing arms are not recommended the GX due to the curve of the rear hatch. Double swing arms are half width and latch in the center. Spare tire placement is usually on the driver side unless ordered custom.

Important notes
Cutting and grinding required for installation. Refer to the installation document for clarification Notes: 4th gen and GX470 have identical frames. AHC pump assembly will need new mounting to the rear bumper if you are still running it.

Built units ship via truck freight to commercial address or can be delivered to a local shipping hub for pickup at will call if a commercial address is not available.